2 CE hours. Course approved by AMTA & NCBTMB Provider # 155301-00 & Florida Board of Massage Provider # 50-7634.

Sacred Stone Roles & Boundaries of Ethical Touch - 2 CEU Hrs.
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Expect To Learn

Our mission regarding home-study courses at Sacred Stone Center for Holistic Education and Healing is to help you know yourself better, stay informed with the industry standards, and help you to better serve your clients. Staying informed, knowing yourself (your gifts, boundaries & challenges) and better serving your clients will improve the entire bodywork profession. Your devotion to learning, serving, and healing will be apparent in your work and your attitude. In turn, your clients will reap the positive affects.

This course will focus on the topic of ethics as it relates to daily bodywork dynamics and interpersonal relationships. As bodyworkers, we are challenged daily with decisions that could adversely or positively affect our success and the professionalism of the industry. Ethics and professionalism can be very personal, controversial and individual, so this course will address generalized issues determined by the code of ethics developed by the National Board of Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage (NCBTMB), The Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), and The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). There will always be situations you have to access uniquely and trust your judgment.

The manual has many detailed pictures and is very easy to understand. Upon receipt of your answer sheet with a score of 75% or higher and course evaluation, you will be awarded your CE hours from the NCBTMB and sent a professional wall certificate. Students are given 6 months (from the date the home study package is sent in the mail) to complete their course.

Here are some examples of test questions:

13. In Western allopathic medicine it was accepted that had all the knowledge, power, responsibility and expertise.

14. Today, patients have the right to do which of the following?

15. If you feel a client is unaware that they are surrendering their power to you as their healer it is your duty to…?
16. Which of the following are ways a patient becomes vulnerable to a practitioner?
17. A practitioner’s responsibilities include which of the following?