50 CE hours. Course approved by AMTA & NCBTMB Provider # 155301-00 & Florida Board of Massage Provider # 50-7634.

Sacred Stone Ayurvedic Abhyanga Tandem Bodywork Cert. - 50 CEU Hours
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  • Easy Guide to complete the course.
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  • One instructional DVD's (approximately 1 hour each).
  • Open book examination (176 questions) and answer sheet. (75% or higher to pass)
  • Course evaluation form.
  • Five practicum forms.
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  • Students have one year to complete this course, but most students can do this in one month or less if they focus on it. We always allow extensions for extenuating circumstances.


  • Two paragraphs on how you can improve as a therapist and what steps to take towards it.
  • Two paragraphs on how this knowledge will help your practice.
  • Two paragraph summary of your favorite parts of this course and why.
  • 5 practice sessions signed by your clients on the practicum forms we send you.
  • Passing grade on the multiple choice exam

What Is Mirror Massage?

Mirror massage is another name for the infamous four-handed massage, or tandem massage. This is a form of bodywork that incorporates two therapists working on one client. It has its roots in India, more than 10,000 years ago. This technique, which involves two therapists, was traditionally done as an ayurvedic treatment during pancha karma. Pancha karma is ancient India’s form of internal and external purification of body, mind and soul. It was and still is, typically prescribed by an ayurvedic doctor and performed under the close supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

There is a consistency in the sequence of movements with each body part. All movements go in the direction of Apana Vayu, the downward flow in the body. Below is an example of our sequence.


  1. Start with the sacred sounds of "Hari Aum", silently or aloud.
  2. Both therapists anoint the skin with warm oil.
  3. "Gliding Compression" towards the hands or feet.
  4. "Wringing and Squeezing"" of the tissue towards the hands or feet.
  5. "Prayer Hands" as we glide our elbows over the muscles.
  6. Activate the marma points.

Mirror massage includes marma point therapy, copious amounts of pure, warm oil, passive yoga, mudras, breath technique, mantra, the downward flow (apana vayu), hands, elbows and knees, intention, and sound healing.

The manual has many detailed pictures and is very easy to understand. Upon receipt of your answer sheet with a score of 75% or higher, signed practicum (10 people), and course evaluation, you will be awarded your CEU’s from the NCBTMB and sent a professional wall certificate. Students are given 6 months (from the date the home study package is sent in the mail) to complete their course.


Here are some examples of test questions:

90. The Crawl technique helps:

    a. Balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain
    b. Ground the client
    c. Neutralize alkalinity in the tissue
    d. Detoxify the liver

91. Light massage towards the feet behind the knee helps (with the ankle slightly elevated):

    a. Compress the popliteal
    b. Lymphatic flushing
    c. Restores cartilage
    d. Over-stretched ligaments

92. The “Four Hands” technique does not include:

    a. Deep pressure
    b. Gyana Mudra
    c. Soft rocking movements
    d. Holding hands
    e. All of the above

93. When we bow and silently say “Namaste”, we are thanking:

    a. The client
    b. The other therapist
    c. The Creator
    d. All of the above

94. Sunflower oil is good for:

    a. Vata
    b. Pitta
    c. Kapha
    d. All of the above90. The Crawl technique helps: