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Magic Massager
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Magic Massager

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Great for Chair Massage! 

Keeps clothes in place during the massage.

The Magic Massager will bring you a whole new world
of Massage Pleasure!

  • easy to use
  • no need for messy oils
  • can be used over clothing
  • a complete relaxing massage in minutes
  • great in hot tubs or pools
  • your dog or cat will love it
  • a multitude of attractive colors to choose
  • perfect for massaging children & infants
  • no need for specialized massage skills
  • safer than electric massage tools
The Magic Massager turns you into a virtual massage pro. As soon as you pick yours up, you will intuitively know how it works. Slide its smooth surface directly over the skin or atop clothing. Your hands will naturally seek out the muscles that need attention.