Depileve Extra Film Stripless Wax Kit
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  • Brand: Depileve
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The new waxing system for all body areas - with no strips! Again, a new technology in waxing. Third generation wax which combines all the advantages of traditional and strip waxing. It is applied thinly, remains elastic for a long time and has the hygiene of strip waxing. This wax adheres perfectly to hair and is delicate to the skin. No more need to use strips!


Supreme Warmer, 28 oz. Monoi of Tahiti wax, 1 Can Holder, 7 oz. Dermal Base, 7 oz. Soothing Cream, 3 Plant Extract Ampoules, 10 Collar Rings, 25 Body Applicators, 25 Eyebrow Applicators.

  • Mfr SKU: D665