Package includes Detatchable Sternum Pad and Basic Carrying Case w/strap

Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair Package
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Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair Package Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair Package Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair Package

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  • Brand: Earthlite
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In a Vortex, where the magnetic fields converge, there is a powerful energy that many believe has healing qualities. A professional massage therapist uses the massage chair to focus and channel healing energy from his or her hands to the client. That?s why Earthlite has named our new chair, "Vortex" - a place of energy and healing.

This Vortex encapsulates our 15 years of learning in the design and manufacture of massage chairs.

Features and Specs:

  • Lightest Design - our oval tube, aircraft aluminum frame design yields a super light, super strong 15 lb professional massage chair.
  • Simple and easy to use - functional design folds and totes easily
  • Most comfortable - the feel of our Pro-Lite two layer support system and our plush, NaturSoft Vinyl is heavenly.
  • Highest Quality - made in the USA
  • Best Value - for a super lightweight aircraft aluminum massage chair, you can't beat that!
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Standard Vinyl: 100% PU NaturSoft
  • Mfr SKU: vortex