50 CE hours NCBTMB & Florida Board approved

Sacred Stone Facial & Crystal Therapy CEU Course - 50 CEU Hours
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How To Take The Course

Once you place your order, we will send you an email with a user-name, password and directions how where to find our online "Student Central" website. At this site, you can take the multiple choice open-book exam online with instant results, submit your essays, watch the streaming videos (as often as you want), find your enrollee, practicum and evaluation forms, print your transcripts and receive your certificates. Easy. There is nothing you need to snailmail. All our courses are now totally electronic (online) so we can save the trees, gas, postage and lighten our "footprint". It's very easy to navigate, even for technophobes! We will send you the hard copy of the 170 page illustrated Sacred Stone Facial & Crystal Manual and the one DVD in the mail if you choose to purchase the hard copy version of this course which is an option found in the Choose Format drop down window at the top of this web page. All homestudy students are asked to the exam online. Those who don't want to take the exam online can request a special hard copy version of the exam and course paper work be sent in the US mail for a $25 processing fee.


Online Forms

  • Easy Guide to complete the course.
  • Enrollee form.
  • One instructional DVD (approximately 1 hour each).
  • Open book examination (140 questions) and answer sheet. (75% or higher to pass)
  • Course evaluation form.
  • Five practicum forms.
  • Transcript and certificate.
  • A location to submit the answers to your essay questions.
  • Unlimited tutorial assistance via email or phone.
  • Students have one year to complete this course, but most students can do this in one month or less if they focus on it. We always allow extensions for extenuating circumstances.


  • Two paragraphs on how you can improve as a therapist and what steps to take towards it.
  • Two paragraphs on how this knowledge will help your practice.
  • Two paragraph summary of your favorite parts of this course and why.
  • 5 practice sessions signed by your clients on the practicum forms we send you.
  • Passing grade on the easy multiple choice exam.

Expect To Learn

  • Contrast hydro-therapy using chilled, white quartzite stones and heated, textured mineral composites.
  • Facial Marma Points as they relate to healing the entire body.
  • How specific oils and home-made masks affect the face and body internally and externally.
  • Crystal & stone layouts- for detoxification & rejuvenation.
  • Specific directional strokes for terminal clearance on the face


Here are some examples of test questions:

11. What are the reasons for using chilled white quartzite stones?

    a. To reduce inflammations within the muscle or joint (cocooning)
    b. To calm the face after waxing or a professional peel
    c. For contrast hydrotherapy on the face
    d. To stimulate peristalsis of the intestines when alternating hot and cold
    e. All of the above

12. What are the benefits of laying the stones directly on the skin as opposed to over a sheet?

    a. To increase kinesthetic awareness
    b. Skin is a site of vata and when stimulated directly, it sends a message to the brain: "All is well"
    c. To assistant the client in “being present” by focusing on the various textures of each stones
    d. All of the above

13. How often should you clean the stones?

    a. In between every client
    b. Once per week
    c. Every other day
    d. At the end of every day

14. How should you clean the stones?

    a. With biodegradable soapy water
    b. With 409
    c. With Mr. Clean
    d. With Ajax

15. How often should you recharge your stones?

    a. Once per month
    b. Once per year
    c. Once per week
    d. Twice per month