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Sacred Stone Bodywork Home Study Course -50 CE hours
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Sacred Stone


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Online Forms

  • Easy Guide to complete the course.
  • Enrollee form.
  • Two Instructional DVD's (approximately 1 hour each).
  • Open book examination (200 questions) and answer sheet. (75% or higher to pass)
  • Course evaluation form.
  • Five practicum forms.
  • Transcript and certificate.
  • A location to submit the answers to your essay questions.
  • Unlimited tutorial assistance via email or phone. Students have one year to complete this course, but most students can do this in one month or less if they focus on it. We always allow extensions for extenuating circumstances.


  • Two paragraphs on how you can improve as a therapist and what steps to take towards it.
  • Two paragraphs on how this knowledge will help your practice.
  • Two paragraph summary of your favorite parts of this course and why.
  • 5 practice sessions signed by your clients on the practicum forms we send you.
  • Passing grade on the multiple choice exam

What Is Sacred Stone Therapy?

"Therapy is only as good as the therapist"

Sacred Stone Therapy integrates heated and chilled sea stones into traditional massage therapy, based on ancient Ayurvedic principles. Warm, textured, velvety stones are laid under, around and on top of the client in the beginning, then, each part of the body receives traditional massage using warm, aromatic oils. Heated stones are glided along the muscles to iron out tension and provide a deep release. The texture of some stones can be gently exfoliating. Chilled stones are glided around the face, alternated with warm stones to create a rosy glow. Warm, flat, sea stones are laid upon the spine as the back of the legs are massaged. This can be used as an adjunct to deep tissue release or in energy healing, depending on the techniques chosen by the therapist.

The techniques have been thoughtfully designed to bring the body, mind and soul back into balance and renew the sweetness of life in a world where people are driving while eating their lunch. Sacred Stone Therapy is anxiety-reducing, nurturing, healing and restorative. Each session lasts about 75 minutes. Therapists can charge anywhere between $90-$150 for this therapy, depending on the socioeconomic status of the area, and the experience and credentials of the therapist.

The manual has many detailed pictures and is very easy to understand. The "Classroom Demo" and "Concepts & Theory" DVDs are also very comprehensive and simple to follow. After you pass the course, you will be awarded your CE hours (transcripts) from the NCBTMB and a professional, beautiful wall certificate.

Stones, Crystals, and Stone Heater sold seperately.

Here are some examples of test questions:

8. What part of the body should you execute the Touch Test?

    a. The belly
    b. The wrist
    c. The feet
    d.The thighs

9. What temperature should the water be in heating unit?

    a. 200-300 F
    b. 50-100 F
    c. 120-125 F
    d. 300-400 F

10. Generally, how long does it take for the heater to heat to a comfortable temperature?

    a. 10 minutes
    b. 20 minutes
    c. 45 minutes
    d. 5 minutes

11. What are the reasons for using chilled white quartzite stones?

    a. To reduce inflammations within the muscle or joint (cocooning)
    b. To calm the face after waxing or a professional peel
    c. For contrast hydrotherapy on the face and place over inflamed eyes
    d. To stimulate peristalsis of the intestines when alternating hot and cold
    e. All of the above