Santa Barbara Unscented
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So natural you can eat it Santa Barbara Massage Cream was created to fill the need for an all natural lubricant. It has all the benefits of olive oil mixed with the healing properties of essential oils. It was specifically made for deep tissue styles of massage. Santa Barbara Massage Cream offers a nice resistance that allows the therapist to penetrate deeply into the tissues, and its smooth and luxurious feel makes it perfect for lighter Swedish styles. Clients don’t leave the session feeling oily, because only a small amount of cream is needed. A revolution in massage cream! 

Lavender (Balancing) Soothing and calming. Slows wrinkles and helps prevent scarring. Relieves muscle pain and headaches.
Eucalyptus (Stimulating) Invigorating & refreshing. Helps to throw off fatigue and tension.
YlangYlang/Orange (Sedating) Counters depression, anger & fear, is a strong sedative. Good for problem skin.
Clary Sage/Lavender (Rejuvenating) Eases muscle & nervous tension, good for mental fatigue. Promotes smiles.

Olive oil- Used by the ancient Greeks because of its healing properties and effects on the skin.
Bees wax- Turns our cream into a solid when it is in the jar. Bees wax makes it so you only have to use a little, and clients do not end the session feeling oily.
Coconut oil- Our cold pressed coconut oil gives our cream an excellent glide while maintaining a good resistance for deeper work.

  • Product Size: 8 oz.
  • Mfr SKU: C8-U