Depileve Barbepil Folibeard
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Depileve Barbepil Folibeard Depileve Barbepil Folibeard Depileve Barbepil Folibeard

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  • Brand: Depileve
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Indicated for use at home after waxing and shaving. Formulated with Salicylic acid, FOLIBEARD prevents and treats ingrown hairs as well as infection and inflammation of the follicles. Nozzle dispenser allows for convenient application to larger areas.

Used regularly in the days following epilation, the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects of salicylic acid prevent infection of the exposed pores. The keratolytic action enables new hair to break through and provides effective treatment of stubborn ingrowns.

Liquid texture specially formulated for larger, less sensitive areas such as chest, back, legs, and arms. Strong efficacy. Nozzle packaging enables application to individual pimples through beard or body hair, as well as faster dispensing for bigger areas.


    Works as a keratolytic agent, exfoliating the upper layers of the epidermis to help new hairs reach the skins surface.

    Its antiseptic properties neutralize the bacteria responsible for infection, while its anti-inflammatory action calms irritation.

  • Product Size: 2.54 oz.
  • Mfr SKU: DB220