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Silk Exfoliating Bath Mitt -Pack of 4 Mitts
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Silk Exfoliating Bath Mitt -Pack of 4 Mitts Silk Exfoliating Bath Mitt -Pack of 4 Mitts Silk Exfoliating Bath Mitt -Pack of 4 Mitts

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  • ★Suitable for All Kind of Skin -- Work for dry, oily, or rough skin,you can exfoliate the neck, shoulders, feet or other areas.Lather up the body exfoliator scrubs in luxury with your own choice of soaps or gels non-abrasive beauty products. Gentle to stronger massage is based on pressure you exert on area.
  • ★ Gloves can effectively help to unclog pores, stimulate blood circulation and Increase capacity of the skin to absorb creams or lotions, make skin soft, smooth and young. Increasing blood circulation and skin regeneration can help reduce blackheads and acne.
  • ★Exfoliating bath mitten material: Viscose fabric 80%, Elastic band 16%, Rope 4%. Very easy to use, suitable for most hand sizes,Under normal uses, these gloves can last one year or even longer.
  • ★Please notice: Due to the face skin is sensitive, we are not recommend you to use the body scrubber on your face directly. Please use the facial exfoliation products.