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Sacred Stone Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist (ABS) Course
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Sacred Stone Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist (ABS) Course Sacred Stone Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist (ABS) Course

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Self-paced from home or explore options to study directly with Karyn Mahrie Chabot in Newport, RI. Enroll in the Live Intensive ABS Immersion Program in Newport, RI.  This online ABS course is included free in the Newport ABS “live” Program as well as the Ayurveda Health Counselor (AHC) Online Program. Click here for more info.  Parts of this course is approved for CBTMB continuing education credits for massage therapy.

Student Objectives:

  • History of Ayurveda
  • Foundations of Ayurvedic Theory
  • Doshic Pain Identification and Management
  • Principles of Ayurvedic Eating
  • Abhyanga in Tandem (Ayurvedic Massage)
  • Garshana (Friction Massage with Raw Silk Gloves)
  • Intro to Marma Point Therapy (Opening the doorways in the body)
  • Marma Stone & Crystal Therapy including head, neck, shoulders & feet
  • Sacred Stone Shirodhara Therapy including head, shoulders, neck & feet
  • Nasya & Karna Purana (Cranial Therapy)
  • Sacred Stone Massage Therapy (Shila Abhyanga)
  • Swedhana Therapy (Thermo-hydrotherapy)
  • Udhvartana Therapy (herbal paste/salt glows)
  • Eastern Cupping, Moxabustion & Eastern Meridian Therapy
  • Doshic Oil Therapy & Mixing
  • So Much More (See the ABS Manual table of contents listed below)

Material Included: (The e-dvds & webinars listed below are approximately 60-75 mins or more) 

  1. Illustrated manual 280 pages 8 X 11 instructional (copyrighted)
  2. Instructional Shirodhara Therapy e-dvd
  3. Tandem Abhyanga Therapy e-dvd
  4. Instructional Garshana & Swedhana e-dvd (aka Exfoliation/Detox Thermo-Hydrotherapy
  5. Sacred Stone Massage Therapy (Shila Abhyanga) Classroom Demonstration e-dvd
  6. Sacred Stone Marma Facial & Crystal Therapy e-dvd
  7. Sacred Stone Marma Massage Therapy e-dvd
  8. Shad Darshan – The Six Vedic Philosophies of Life Webinar
  9. Intro to Sanskrit Webinar
  10. Agni – The Digestive Fire Principle Webinar
  11. Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition Webinar
  12. Intro to Jyotish Astrology Webinar
  13. Astro-Bio-Rhythms& Dharma Types Webinar
  14. Intro to Vedic Herbology & Spices Webinar
  15. Food as Medicine Webinar
  16. Forms as listed below
  17. And much more!

Important Details:

  • Students have 1 year to complete this course from the date of purchase.
  • Everyone learns at a different rate, but most students complete this course within 3 months while working a full time job.
  • Practicum submissions will be graded as “Pass” or “Fail”.
  • Multiple-choice exam requires 75% passing grade.
  • All e-dvds and webinars can be downloaded and viewed as often as needed.
  • ABS e-student graduates receive a discount on on-campus ABS tuition.
  • A “Document of Completion” will be awarded to all students who meet the outlined ABS criteria with passing scores, however, “certification” will only be awarded to e-Course students who fulfill one of the following parameters: (CHOOSE ONE)
  • This course is included in our Online Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program. 


Anyone with a passion can enroll and pass in this course to earn a Document of Completion for non-vocational reasons, especially self-care. This course is an excellent way to help your family and friends as well as a way to deepen your knowledge in the ancient art of Ayurveda. Full ABS Certification is only available to those students who attend SAMA’s one-day practical exam on campus or submit a youtube video, as described below, and meet the other outlined requirements for this course. Unless the student already a licensed massage therapist or licensed to touch the body in your state under another vocation, it may be illegal to charge for ABS therapies in your state unless you have your minister’s license.  In most states, ministers may offer such services as a vocation and legally charge their clients or ask for a donation, though they should not use the term “massage” or pretend to be a massage therapist. This course was not designed to license anyone or prepare him or her for the MBLEX exam or any other national massage exams.