Large Basalt Stone - 1 Pieces
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Used either hot or cold, these large, smooth basalt stones are perfect for large or bony areas, such as the arms, legs and back. They can be used for direct pressure or to protect the therapist's hands. Hot stone massage is not only relaxing, but also has many healing properties. The use of hot stones allows a therapist to give a deep, penetrating massage without putting excessive stress on his or her own body. Additionally, the stones will heat the skin, open the pores and prepare the skin to better absorb massage oils. As a result, they increase the benefits any given oil will provide. The use of massage stones also provides a way to increase circulation in and around the area being massaged. Increased blood flow helps clear out toxins and assist in healing an injured or strained area. Basalt is the ideal material for hot stone massage. These stones are made with volcanic rock, which has high silica and iron content that allow them to hold heat longer than most stones. 

Available individually or save by purchasing a pack of 6 or 12.

  • Can be used hold or cold to provide different benefits
  • Suitable for use on the arms, legs and back
  • Non-porous, smooth, high heat retaining
  • Helps improve blood flow and relaxes muscles
  • Provides a deep, penetrating massage without putting excessive stress on the body
  • Opens the pores to better absorb massage oils
  • Product Unit: 1 Pieces