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Chest Comfort Pillows
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Chest Comfort Pillows Chest Comfort Pillows Chest Comfort Pillows
Chest Comfort Pillows Chest Comfort Pillows Chest Comfort Pillows
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Finally! A massage product designed for the comfort of women. The Chest Comfort Pillows position your female clients so they don’t experience any pressure on their lower backs during the prone position. The Chest Comfort Pillows also work when lying face up.

Female clients will appreciate our Chest Comfort Pillows! Our three-piece Chest Comfort Pillows position women so they experience no pressure on their breasts or lower backs when lying prone on a massage table. Simply slide the shoulder pillows under each of your clients’ upper arms and position the pelvic pillow below their chests while they are lying face-down. The pelvic pillow can also be used under their lower backs when your clients are lying face-up! Each pillow is comprised of high-density, small-cell foam and covered by oil and waterproof PU leather upholstery. 

Features and Benefits

  • The three-piece support system positions your female clients so they feel no pressure on their chests or lower backs when in the prone position
  • The pelvic pillow can be used under their lower backs when clients are lying face up for the ultimate in versatility
  • The high-density, small-cell foam padding provides support and comfort for your clients
  • The oil and waterproof, environmentally friendly PU-leather upholstery covering ensures durability and your clients’ comfort
  • The variety of colors available lets you select the perfect match for your massage table or décor

Sizes and Colors

  • Includes two shoulder pillows and one pelvic pillow
  • Dimensions of the Shoulder Pillows: 10"L x 4"W x3"H
  • Dimensions of the Pelvic Pillow: 18.5"L x  13"W x 4"H
  • Available Colors: Black, Burgundy, Cream or Royal Blue

Ideal For

  • Clients With Large Breasts
  • Clients Who Have Undergone Breast Surgery
  • Clients with Sensitive Breasts


  • Product Unit: 3 Pieces