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Therapist’s Choice® Spiky Balls Muscle Roller Stick
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Therapist’s Choice® Spiky Balls Muscle Roller Stick

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Our Therapist's Choice® Muscle Roller Stick 3000 Spiky Balls Massage Roller Stick is ideal for massaging larger areas of the body such as back, shoulder, waist, neck, thigh, feet, arms, etc. In addition, it can also target specific trigger points.

Use to stimulate blood circulation, relax and relieve tense muscles. Great for self massage.

The ergonomically designed soft padded handles help prevent slippage.

Perfect for athletes, tennis players, runners, sprinters, marathoners, gymnasts, fitness trainers and trainees, yogis, and even beginner athletes.

Targets pressure points, increases circulation, and alleviates sore muscles. Ideal for relief of sports-related injuries or strains. Relieves stress and  muscle tightness