Soapstone Serenity Stone

CoreStones® Serenity Stone
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CoreStones® Serenity Stone

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Use Serenity Stones for quiet meditation or for self or client care hot or cold for deep muscle therapy.


Soapstone is believed to assist with finding inner peace. Tradition says soapstone creates positive energy and exerts a calming influence on the person using it.

Hold in your hands and allow peaceful thoughts to focus your energy inward. Mindfully allow yourself to feel the weight and silky texture of the stone. Your hand will naturally encompass the contour of the stone.

Soapstone can be used when undergoing great changes in life. It allows one to release old routines and to create new, loving environments. It moves one to action and helps to prepare you for anything!


It's like having a stone thumb! Use your SerenityStone anywhere you have muscle pain or tension. Use warm to ease the pain of arthritis and
soften muscle tissue. Keep one in the freezer and use cold to ease sinus pain, headache, reduce inflammation, or calm a hot flash. Easy to tuck into your pocket or bag for relief on the go.

Angled on one end and rounded on the other this stone is a multi-purpose tool. 

Use it anywhere you have muscle tension or pain. Forearms, neck, feet, and hands.

Place the stone on the floor and gently step on it to reduce pain and muscle tension from plantar fasciitis.

Refer to your instruction booklet before using.