Reflexology Tool for Feet and Hands

CoreStones® ReflexStone for Foot and Hand Reflexology
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According to the ancient healing art of Reflexology, pressing reflex points on the feet and hands will soothe and heal the body.

Alternate hot and cold to help relieve pain from tennis or golf elbow, carpel tunnel, or plantar fasciitis.

This 2 ½” stone is primarily used for:

  • Hand and Foot Reflexology

The angle of this stone will save your thumbs when you use it for hand and foot massage. Used warm, the penetrating heat will help to soften muscle tissue and bring deep relief. Using CoreStones hot or cold can help relieve the pain and symptoms from plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

  • Deep specific work anywhere on the body.

It's like having a stone thumb! Use this little stone to work into the occipital ridge, the lamina groove, or anywhere you find an area of tension. Keep it with you so it's always handy when you need a little self-care.

Refer to your instruction booklet before using.