Innovative CoreStones

Why & How They Work

CoreStones are made from soapstone, nature’s most efficient thermal conductor. Uniquely designed, CoreStones allow massage therapists to release muscle tension without creating tissue trauma.

The cylindrical shape of CoreStones allows them to be an extension of your hand.

The broad flat surface is ideal for myofascial release and, turned on end, CoreStones can be used as a trigger point tool.

Because the surface of the stone is larger than our thumb, clients can tolerate more pressure and get  deep relief from muscle tension without additional pain.

CoreStones can assist you in:

  • Myofascial release

  • Trigger Point release

  • Deep muscle therapy

  • Reflexology

Energetic Properties of Soapstone

  • Soapstone is believed to assist with finding inner peace. 
  • Soapstone creates positive energy around itself and  exerts a calming influence on the person using it.
  • It can be used when undergoing great changes in life.
  • It allows one to release old routines and to create new, loving environments.
  • It moves one to action and helps to prepare you for anything!

The 7" stones are primarily used for the legs - front and back, hips, and upper back. The length of the stone is used for longitudinal stroking and compression. The end is used for pressure point release.

The 5" stone is primarily used for the back, arms, legs, and psoas. It has four usable surfaces; the length is for longitudinal stroking and compression, the flat end if used for pressure point release, the rounded end is used to work around bony landmarks and the angled end is used for cross-fiber friction, deep specific work, and working under the scapula.

The 3 1/2" stones are primarily used for the neck, arms, and abdomen.

The 2 1/2" stone is used for reflexology, facial massage, and deep specific work.