Laminated Informational Chart

Alkaline & Acid Balancing Sacred Wisdom Chart #19
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Alkaline & Acid Balancing Sacred Wisdom Chart #19

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A healing pH diet is 70 to 80 percent ALKALINE foods - 50% RAW for the enzymes & vitamins, limit sweet fruits, dried fruits are good.

20 to 30% ACID foods, one half protein - 10% of total. Work slowly toward alkalizing and build on vegetables (salads & steamed vegetables.).

Limit sweets, yeast, white flour, bread, pasta. You don’t need meat every day.  Plan ahead for that junk food treat once a week.

Ask yourself often, how much do you want this to work?


Laminated cardstock 11" x 8.5" page information on both sides


Informational chart


Follow instructions on the chart to benefit from the healthy aspects of an alkaline diet.