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Steamy Wonder Spa Portable Steam Tent Cover Sauna
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Steamy Wonder Spa Portable Steam Tent Cover Sauna Steamy Wonder Spa Portable Steam Tent Cover Sauna

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The Steamy Wonder uses a patented heat-circulation design that provides a soothing flow of steam and an even distribution of heat. Within 2-3 minutes, the canopy fills with steam and heat just like a professional steam room. An entire treatment uses just a few cups of water.

The client stays on the treatment table, no need to move from room to room. Steam opens the pores allowing better absorption of products. At the completion of the treatment, your client will leave with a blissful feeling of relaxation and wellness.

Massage therapists report that steam, given before a deep tissue massage brings immediate results with minimized soreness the next day. A great way to increase service. Ayurveda recommends a steam treatment along with massage to enhance purification and reduce stress. Moisture will not damage table. Fits any standard massage table. Generates steam within minutes. Allows Multi-function room, no dedicated space, very easy to clean. Canopy weighs only three pounds, placed and removed easily.

  • Steam canopy
  • Steam generator
  • Circulating Fan
  • Special Flannel Steam Sealing Sheet
  • User's Manual
  • Two Cool Neck Wraps
  • Metal Poles - Set of 3
  • Fiberglass Battens - Set of 4


Why Steamy Wonder Spa™

The Steamy Wonder Spa™ patented steam canopy system converts an ordinary massage table and dry room into a full-service spa room. Our lightweight steam tent can be assembled or disassembled in just a few minutes, allowing you to maintain the versatility of your treatment rooms. Its portability also allows you to take your services directly to your client or to steam yourself at home after a hard day's work.

Clients Love The Steamy Wonder Spa™ Because:

  • Treatments are completely private, allowing clients to deeply relax and unwind.
  • The head and neck are not heated during a Steamy Wonder Spa™ treatment, making it more comfortable and avoiding the dizziness and overheating associated with saunas
  • Clients are lying down (not sitting) allowing even blood circulation and deeper relaxation
  • The client does not have to get up between the massage or body treatment as the Steamy Wonder™ treatment takes place on the same table

Professionals Love The Steamy Wonder Spa™ Because:

  • It does not require a wet room; all that's needed is a standard electrical outlet (110 & 220 volt generators available, call if you want to order the 220V)
  • It costs much less than other steam units
  • The steam canopy is easy to clean between treatments and machine washable
  • You can store the canopy by hanging it from your wall or ceiling
  • The treatments provide extra income without the extra wear and tear on your arms, hands, and back.
  • It is so simple to use that no outside training is needed
  • The Steamy Wonder™ system includes a 42-page Treatment Manual with 15 different popular spa/health treatments

Who Uses The Steamy Wonder Spa™

A wide range of professionals consider the Steamy Wonder Spa™ to be an integral part of their businesses. Massage Therapists, Day Spa Owners, Estheticians, Ayurvedic Practitioners and Health Care Professionals (doctors, nurses, chiropractors, etc.).

Home-Users: A growing number of people are purchasing the Steamy Wonder Spa™ for their own personal use at home as it is much more cost-effective than building a sauna, and its portability does not require a dedicated space. If you are considering the Steamy Wonder Spa™ for home use, we encourage you to read more about the Health Benefits of steaming.

How It Works

The Steamy Wonder™ uses a patented heat-circulation design that provides a soothing flow of steam and an even distribution of heat within the steam tent. Within minutes of turning on the steam generator, your client will experience the warmth of a steam room without breathing in hot air.

how it works

In addition, your clients will enjoy complete comfort and privacy inside the steam canopy.

An entire treatment uses just a few cups of water. Because of the small amount of moisture generated, no special venting is required. No plumbing or room redesign is necessary. All you need is a standard electrical outlet and massage table.

Steamy Wonder Spa How It Works (YouTube)

Watch Professionals Using The Steamy Wonder Spa (YouTube)

Eliminate The Wraps With New Steamy Wonder Spa™ Wrapless-Wraps

The Steamy Wonder Spa™ can be used to enhance or replace body wraps. The warm, moist heat opens the pores allowing effective product penetration; sweating produces the 'shrinkage' effect that makes wrapping so popular. In other words, your jeans should be looser after a steam treatment! Mud and seaweed wraps can be given without any wrapping, increasing the comfort of the client, decreasing work for you.

"Nobody likes to be wrapped in hot blankets when they could be steamed. Claustrophobic clients really prefer the Steamy Wonder Spa™, it´s not so restricting. They are unconfined in the Steamy Wonder spa™. Who wants to be wrapped in saran wrap? It's yukky, not nice, not comfortable. We love the tent. We are opening a new spa in San Francisco and plan on having a Steamy Wonder Spa™ in every treatment room."

Relax Now Spa, San Francisco

Why Steam Is Better Than Wrapping

Dr. John Welbes, Director the college of Massage Therapy in Omaha, Nebraska recommends steam baths in the treatment of cellulite, finding it superior to body wraps in raising tissue temperature. "Body wraps are very slow," says Dr. Welbes, "it may take an hour to achieve the same temperature increase that you can get in about 10 minutes in a steam bath." According to Dr. Welbes, the heat helps loosen the fatty tissue so that it is less solid and can more easily be broken down.

Potential Dangers To Wrapping:

The wraps and electric blankets that are commonly used to heat clients during a body wrap are often made of plastic. Plastic releases toxins when heated, which can then absorbed by the body, creating more toxicity. The blankets also create an electrical field effect which many people believe is not healthy.



  • Shipping Weight: 19 Lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 12 x 16 x 26 inches