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Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart
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Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart

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Our Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart really takes your table places. The cart’s Velcro straps keep your table secure on the lightweight, aluminum frame. The cart’s large, heavy-duty polyurethane wheels glide easily over all types of terrain. This is a must for every traveling bodyworker!

Don’t waste time and energy lugging your portable massage table long distances. Transport your table quickly and easily with our Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart! Our Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart is lightweight, compact and collapsible for easy transportation and storage. It has a durable, lightweight aluminum frame which can accommodate most portable tables and special frame legs which stabilize it when it’s not in use. The Deluxe Wheeled Table Cart has padded cross braces to cradle your table and keep it free from scratches and wear, as well as Velcro adjustable straps that hold your table securely in place. Clear, heavy-duty polyurethane wheels ensure your cart and table glide smoothly over rough terrain while you guide it with the cart’s soft, comfortable handle.

Features and Benefits

  • The collapsible lightweight aluminum frame allows for easy transport and storage
  • The generous dimensions accommodate most sizes of portable tables
  • The special frame legs stabilize your cart when it’s not in use
  • The padded cross braces cradle your table, keeping the table free from scratches and wear
  • The Velcro adjustable straps hold your table securely in place
  • The clear, heavy-duty polyurethane wheels ensure your cart and table glide smoothly over rough terrain
  • The soft, easy-grip handle makes transporting your table comfortable

Sizes and Colors

  • Dimensions: 28" x 14" x 8" 
  • Available Colors: Black

Ideal For

  • Practitioners Who Travel
  • Practitioners With Cannot Easily Lift Massage Table