With Glide To Resistance Ratio™ Technology

Cryoderm Myofascial Cream
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Cryoderm Myofascial Cream

From the creators of Cryoderm comes a brand new Myofascial Cream and Ointment  with Glide to Resistance Ratio™ Technology, insuring you get Grip without slip. This new Cream and Ointment allow you to work the deeper invested fascial while maintaining just the right amount of glide. The Ointment has a gentle warming effect while the Cream has a tingly peppermint sensation. Both formulas contain MSM, Arnica, Boswellia & ILEX for maximum therapeutic benefit. Use with all manual modalities including tools to address adhesion's in muscles and tendons. CRYODERM Myofascial products are a Game Changer that will enhance your work and insure the best possible outcome for your patients