Massage Table for Alleviating Pressure on Neck, Shoulders, and Back

Zen Massage Table Package
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Zen Massage Table Package

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The Zen Massage Table Package offers more features than any other table on the market.  The patented Breast Recess and Neck Contour features provide your clients with unparalleled comfort during face down massage.  The Breast Recess and Neck Contour work together to alleviate pressure on the breast and allow the spine to relax into a more neutral position.  Massage Therapists will find their work easier because the musculature of the back is more relaxed making palpation, pressure and stretching easier.  The pillow insert can easily be replaced for male clients or supine (face up) massage.  You may also leave the pillow insert out during a face up massage for greater access to the neck and shoulder region.


The Zen table is built with hardwood, deluxe PVC-free EverSoft Vinyl and multi-layer, CFC-free foam.  The Zen has a working weight capacity of 500 pounds.  The table is portable at 33 pounds with a table top taht measures 30" x 72" and the height is adjustable from 24" to 34".


The Package Includes:

  • Table
  • Double Action Face Cradle with pillow
  • Arm Sling
  • Carry Case with front pocket


  • 2.5" multi-layer foam
  • Deluxe PVC-free and EverSoft Vinyl
  • 500 lb capacity
  • 2500 lb static weight capacity
  • 5 year warranty