VaVoom Vichy Shower Spritzer 8 Head
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VaVoom Vichy Shower Spritzer 8 Head VaVoom Vichy Shower Spritzer 8 Head VaVoom Vichy Shower Spritzer 8 Head
VaVoom Vichy Shower Spritzer 8 Head VaVoom Vichy Shower Spritzer 8 Head
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The VaVoom Vichy Shower is an excellent way to offer the maximum Vichy Shower experience with utilizing eight shower-heads. The guest will be completely relaxed and invigorated with the ward effect of the Vichy experience.

The design of the VaVoom enhances the experience for the Vichy guest. The VaVoom will provide years of trouble free service with a timeless, elegant design.

With features such as:

  • eight self-cleaning shower heads
  • the most accurate thermostatic mixing valve available
  • a "swing out of the way" shower bar
  • extremely durable construction

5 year manufacturer's warranty

VaVoom Vichy Shower   To our knowledge there has not been a new vichy shower introduced in the spa industry for nearly 10 years now. So, WaterWerks decided it was about time someone did. We tapped into our 21 years of vichy shower manufacturing and spent 18 months designing and perfecting this new shower. We talked to dozens of professionals from every area of the spa industry. This included consultants, spa directors, spa therapists, architects, building contractors, plumbers and even equipment sales people. We found one constant theme in nearly everyone we spoke to. We all wanted a BEAUTIFUL shower that would offer a NEW EXPERIENCE for the spa clientele.

BEAUTY Each VaVoom is hand crafted in our shop by craftsman with 40 years of metal working experience. Because we create each VaVoom by hand, it is a work of art. Once everything is manufactured, each VaVoom is powder coated giving it years of lasting beauty. We can match nearly any color which makes the VaVoom a custom fit in any spa décor.

NEW EXPERIENCE We spent six months coming up with new ideas for treatments. In that six months we realized that it was the actual shower that created the experience in a vichy treatment. So, we focused on the shower experience. That led us to one of the most revolutionary discoveries in vichy technology every developed. We discovered a new technology in showerheads. The use of oxygen. These showerheads infuse oxygen into the stream. Not only that, but they will never clog. That’s right, never clog. It gets better. They also use up to 40% less water than typical showerheads. Read on.

Put Jet Engine Power - In Your Shower Our showerheads work in a revolutionary, remarkable way. There is no other showerhead on the market that uses our patented Oxygenics® technology, and no other showerhead is able to give you the same results. You are going to love your shower! The innovative technology behind Oxygenics® is based on the Venturi Principle. As water enters the base of the showerhead, it is propelled through an accelerator fin to increase the velocity of the water flow. It is then directed through a channel where oxygen is injected into water. The result? Phenomenal coverage and a continuous range of sensations - from a soft relaxing spray to a deep, therapeutic massage to everything in between. Are you ready to be wowed? Get ready for a healthy, powerful, oxygenated spray! [SEE PICTURE ABOVE]

Acetal Resin - It Does A Shower Good Don't let mineral deposits and hard water get the best of you. Common shower cloggers are no match against the single orifice design of Oxygenics® shower heads coupled with internal components made of non-stick Acetal Resin. There isn't a calcium deposit or sediment that will stand in the way. Acetal Resin is one of the secret weapons of Oxygenics® success. This unique and innovative material doesn't let anything get between you and a great shower experience. By using Acetal Resin, we are able to offer you a great shower, every time. Say goodbye to clogged showers and constant cleaning. Oxygenics® is virtually maintenance free! It Pays To Install The VaVoom It will pay to choose the VaVoom over what you currently have. How does this happen? It's simple. The Oxygenics® showerhead uses less water overall, but since it plumps each drop with oxygen, you won't notice the difference. This allows for your water bill and energy bill (because you are heating less water) to drop dramatically. The VaVoom incorporates the same Power Massage Hand Held Shower Head that is used with our VaVoom Hand Shower. There are two options for Shower Arms: Spritzer – 8 headed Shower Arm. There are 6 arched shower heads and 2 rain shower heads. This gives a total body coverage from every angle providing an invigorating and relaxing vichy experience. Cost = $5,995 Rain Bar – 6 headed Shower Arm. There are 6 rain shower heads that will provide a soothing and relaxing vichy experience. Cost = $5,495 The VaVoom Power Massage Hand Shower Uses the Same Oxygenics® Technology. [SEE PICTURE ABOVE]

5 Power Sprays – 5x the Performance The five-spray PowerMassage harnesses the power of Oxygenics® technology into five dynamic and pleasing sprays. It uses the responsive Intellever to switch between the sprays effortlessly, and the elegant styling adds the perfect touch of refinement to any shower. The PowerMassage is designed to be eco-friendly and economical, saving up to 70% in water and energy consumption compared to traditional shower fixtures.

“Retrofit any Current Installation” - the VaVoom was designed so that it can be installed in any existing wet room. Since there is no construction inside the walls, the VaVoom is easily installed with nothing more than a hot and cold water supply line. So, if your vichy shower is outdated and in disrepair, or if you simply want to offer a more exciting service, the VaVoom is the most economical solution. Get your staff and your clients excited about the vichy room again. Pressure Increasing Technology Increased water velocity + air induction = MORE PRESSURE. The patented technology ensures an invigorating pressurized shower spray regardless of water pressure. Five Power Sprays Each of the five pressurized sprays provides an invigorating and pleasurable shower experience that will provide just the right spray for every mood or application.

Easy Intellever Switch Switching between the sprays is effortless. Simply press lightly on the Intellever and the sprays transition seamlessly into one another for the ultimate shower experience.

Eco-Friendly and Economical Oxygenics® uses 20-70% less water compared to industry leading brands. Thousands of gallons of water can be saved each year which means significant energy and money savings.

No Clogging – Zero Maintenance The internal components are made of Delrin® - a material similar to Teflon® - which increases durability and eliminates clogging, mineral buildup and corrosion. No cleaning required — install it and forget it!

Guaranteed For Life The Oxygenics® PowerMassage comes with a lifetime performance warranty against clogging. It’s guaranteed not to clog – EVER.

  • Shipping Dimensions: 88 x 25 x 21 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 135 Lbs
  • Mfr SKU:
  • Specifications: Shipping Class 100