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Accu Step Acupressure Y-Strap Massaging Sandals
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SMALL      Woman 5-7   Men 4-6                            LARGE      Woman 9.5-11  Men 8.5-10

MEDIUM   Woman 7.5-9   Men 6.5-8                      X-LARGE   Men 11-12  


 Lightweight and skid resistant, these convenient Y-strap thong massage sandals apply the concept of acupressure to an otherwise ordinary walk. Massaging nodules on their insoles apply gentle pressure to vital acupressure points to stimulate well-being in corresponding parts of your body. Wear them anytime and anywhere – these sandals are waterproof, washable, and extremely durable.

  A basic technique in reflexology applies pressure to specific nerve endings on the feet to stimulate other parts of the body. The pressure signals the brain to make necessary adjustments in its distribution of nutrients and oxygen to specific organs. At the same time, this pressure also directs muscles throughout the body to modify their overall tension level, leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free. Our sandals combine these concepts with magnet therapy to relieve pain and improve sleep, without any harmful side effects. Nodules on the Accu Step acupressure sandals are contoured to the shape of your feet for full comfort and support.

 Wear them at your leisure for fifteen minutes per day for one week. Then gradually increase that duration by ten minutes per day, according to your own comfort. Improves circulation Promotes Relaxation Revitalizes tired feet Enhances Energy

  • Mfr SKU: USJ-530