Oakworks Boiance Float
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Oakworks Boiance Float Oakworks Boiance Float Oakworks Boiance Float

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(Boiance Crescent Face Rest Shown In 4th Picture Not Included)

Inspired by the floating sensation of the Boiance Face Cradle Pillow, Oakworks has created the Boiance Float! This new, patent pending design, makes any massage table face rest much more comfortable. All day long we move our heads back and forth, side to side, changing position constantly. But all face rests have the same problem of fixing the position of the head relative the body in an unnatural way. We wanted to find a way to allow that same freedom when lying down on a table; AND NOW WE HAVE! The Boiance Float allows the head to move freely from side to side, up and down, and allows the neck to lengthen naturally in the absence of gravity. No more cervical compression as your client's bodies are moved around on the massage table during upper body work. The secret to the new design is the water spheres that float your client's head and allow almost frictionless movement in all directions. The design works with most face rest platforms and face pillows, but is incredible with the Boiance Face Cradle Pillow and QuickLock Face Rest Platform.

  • Near frictionless movement in all directions
  • Works with most face rests
  • Just insert between platform and pad
  • Black only
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Dimensions: 11" round, 4" tall
  • Water Sphere technology support system
  • Hook Velcro® one side, Loop Velcro® one side on black fabric enclosure