With A Blend Of Special Nut Oils

Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil
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Recommended for both beginner and advanced massage therapists, Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil is one of the finest, most versatile, natural-based oils created. The secret is its blend of special nut oils including cold-pressed Sweet Almond, tropical Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, and a Coconut Oil derivative that offer superior texture and even penetration. With a light glide and all-over control, it's ideally suited to a wide range of massage techniques. Excellent for the skin too. Contains Vitamin E, a skin revitalizer proven to help improve skin texture, softness and firmness. Vegetable derived water dispersant helps minimize staining of linens.

Key Ingredients:Almond Oil, Coconut Oil Ester, Hawaiian Kukui Nut oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Paraben-Free

 Shelf life: 12 months


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