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Swe-Thai Massage
Swe-Thai is an innovative style of massage that combines advanced soft tissue therapies with the specialized biomechanics and powerful healing art of thailand.

Table Top Thai DVD
Traditional Thai Massage has been practiced more than 2,500 years and is still used as a form of medical massage to treat numerous diseases.

Thai Accupressure Massage: Feet, Hands And Face For The Table
$49.95 $42.49
Dr. Anthony James demonstrates how to provide a complete Thai acupressure massage.

The Ultimate Thai Massage Video: Basic Mat Techniques
$49.95 $42.50
If you want to learn something, learn from the best.

The Ultimate Thai Massage Video: Basic Table Techniques
$49.95 $42.50
Learn the therapeutic techniques for providing Thai massage on the massage table.

The Ultimate Thai Massage Video: Advanced Mat Techniques
$49.95 $42.50
Take Thai massage to another level.

The Ultimate Thai Massage Video: Advanced Table Techniques
$49.95 $42.50
Learn more advanced therapeutic techniques to provide this beautiful, rhythmic healing modality on a massage table.

Mastering Thai Massage
Learn the ancient art of Thai Massage with master instructor, Richard Gold.

Vedic Massage - The Four Attitudes 4 DVD SET
$108.00 $98.95
Thai Yoga Assisted Asanas. 4 DVD Set. Compiles over 5 hours of Theories and Techniques for the enthusiasts of Vedic Style Thai Yoga Massage/Bodywork. Highly recommended for all massage therapists, yoga teachers and enthusiasts, dancers, martial art...

Vedic Massage - Thai Massage on the Table 2 DVD SETwith Mukti Buck
Thai Massage on the Table (2 DVD Set) by Michael Buck includes the equivalent of a full 12 day Thai Seminar in 3 1/2 focused and efficient hours of professional instruction.

Tai Chi: Wu Hao
Explore the secrets of Wu-Hao Tai Chi in this comprehensive video!