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Aura Cacia For The Bath, Lavender
The skin-nourishing, milky emulsion and silky texture created by our organic milk powder will make your skin feel good as new!

Bon Vital Moor Mud Bath Extract
$12.69 $9.25
Moor Mud bath benefits are cleanse the body of toxins, relieve pains, for rehabilitation after surgery, treats gout, and treats skin problems.

Aura Cacia For The Bath, Chamomile
Aura Cacia Organic Milk & Oat Bath provides instant skin relief along with the soothing and calming aromatherapy benefits of 100% pure Roman and German chamomile essential oils.

Anesi Parafango Complete Kit
The Anesi Parafango Treatment Kit is a comprehensive spa treatment for skin conditioning, losing inches and cellulite reduction.

Biotone Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap
$1.85 - $79.15
Biotone Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap is a moisture-binding emollient that provides deep, lasting hydration and protection for the skin.

Swedana Wrap Kit Deluxe
Our Deluxe Swedana kit comes with everything our regular kit has, PLUS the added bonus of our Copper Boiling Basin to heat your herbal wrap sheets in, and to store and carry all of your wrap equipment.

Swedana Wrap Kit
Our Swedana Wrap Kit comes with everything you need to perform a simple, effective, and efficient full body steam treatment.

Amber Products Herbal Wrap Sheet
This fleece backed extra absorbent, generously sized herbal linen that retains heat longer is customized for the Amber Moistique Unit.

Lotus Touch Professional Seaweed Powder
$21.95 - $118.99
The seaweed powder is used as a full-body or seaweed mask. The formula combines, detoxifying properties of sea algae & hydrating, exfoliating benefits of clay

Lotus Touch Seaweed Gel Showerless Body Wrap
$29.99 - $94.99
This seaweed gel is ready to use, with no blending needed. Also, you can easily remove it with moist towels without the need for showering.

Organic Bath & Body Blue Green Algae & Seaweed Gel Treatment
$26.34 - $73.94
The Blue Green Algae & Seaweed Gel Treatment is a powerful treatment that offers you Klamath Blue Green Algae from the Klamath lakes

Amber Products Muslin Bags - Small
Fill them, steep them, hang them to dry and re-use. These come in 12 per pack and the size is 4" x 6".