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Body Back Buddy Classic
$44.95 $36.95
Eleven therapeutic knobs to treat any area of your body.

Swivel Rolling Pneumatic Stool
$65.00 $52.99
Put a new spin in your practice with our swivel stool!No matter which way you look at it, Our adjustable swivel stool is sweet!Lightweight, ergonomic, stylish and affordable, this is the only stoolyou will need to perform any treatment.

Meridian Hammer
$19.00 $8.50
A very useful massage tool. It works like a hammer with beating the acupoint and meridian slightly to achieve the effect of acupuncture and massage.

Thumper Sport Percussive Massager
$159.00 $129.00
Massager with Muscle® for Active Lifestyles Thumper® Massagers are unique, and unlike any other massager in the world.

BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser
$39.00 $29.95
This Aroma Diffuser is a beautiful addition to any room at home or work. Hydrating and simple to use, moisturize the air and create a serene space.

Thumper Versa Pro Massager
$359.00 $299.00
The Versa Pro is a Professional-Strength Massager designed to tackle the muscles of your lower body. Use it on your feet, calves, quads and hamstrings, or turn it upright and use it on your lower back. If you spend a lot of time on your feet and want...

Body Vibration Massager Plus
$380.00 $249.00
You will love this machine when you feel like you are walking on a cloud. You will very quickly feel the increased circulation starting in feet and working its way up to the rest of the body. A wonderful way to relieve achy tired feet, legs and body.

Fountain Gold Buddha Head in Cave with Colored Lights
$58.00 $46.40
This stunning fountain features a bust of a golden Buddha within a cave. Water flows like a waterfall in front of the Buddha and a multi-colored light reflects the colors of the rainbow onto the face of the Buddha.

Nanum Car II Aromatherapy Humidifier With Phone Charger
Car Humidifier Aroma Diffuser Aromatherapy 12V USB Port 4Colors Car Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Mist Make Humidifier For Car

Living Earth Crafts Copper Bowl Roll-up Foot Bath™
$649.00 $599.00
The Copper Bowl Roll-up Foot Bath™ is a simple yet elegant hygienic alternative to noisy thrones or jets.

Ariya Pedicure Sink - Mode Motif Collection
$769.00 $692.00
Our Mode Pedicure Sink is now available in a gorgeous damask motif pattern for a functional yet statement-making pedicure sink to fit your style and interior with its stunning base color in white and colored damask pattern (shown in charcoal).

Tiger Tail Curve Ball™
$28.17 $25.49
This tool offers stable and controlled deep muscle release.