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CWS-3 Three Inch Cuticle Wood Stick
Cuticle Sticks for your Nail Health. This 7 in. cuticle pusher has two tapered ends.

CWS-7 Seven Inch Cuticle Wood Stick
Choose between our 7 in.

Toe Nail Clippers, Curve Cut
These toe nail clippers are curved and ideal for clipping back acrylics and cutting the tips of fingernails and toenails. Great for professional and home use.

Toe Nail Clippers, Straight Cut
Shopping for toe nail clippers? Well these are the straight toe nail clippers you have been looking for. The clippers are great for clipping back acrylics and cutting the tips of nails.

Toe Nail Clippers - TNC
Toe Nail Clippers for clipping back acrylics and cutting nail tips, toenails.

Earth Therapeutics Portable Manicure Set
Bring this personal manicure set to the salon to ensure a safe, sanitary manicure. Or take it anywhere for quick and convenient access to your manicure tools.

Earth Therapeutics Cuticle Nipper - Pink
Precision-crafted with stainless steel and SofTOUCH handles for a secure grip, these professional grade nippers offer a long lasting, precise cutting edge.