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Noel Asmar Hammered Copper Round Pedicure Bowl
Gorgeous lightweight Hammered Copper Bowls designed for the perfect foot bath.

Copper Basin
Our 100% copper foot soak basins have been ionized to inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and certain viruses.

Noel Asmar Hammered Stainless Steel Round Pedicure Bowl
Our gorgeous hammered stainless steel bowl offers a classic design that instantly enhances the look of any spa or salon.

Noel Asmar Signature Pedicure Bowls
A simply elegant, hygienic alternative to noisy thrones or jets, this surprisingly lightweight, sleek,

Noel Asmar Signature Pedicure Bowl Footrest
Designed to cover half of the Signature Pedicure Bowl and enable the customer to have a nice comfortable place to rest their foot during treatment.

Noel Asmar Bowl Carrying Case
Designer case for your pedicure bowl featuring an inside pocket on the inner lid to store your implements. The perfect mobile accessory.

Noel Asmar Signature Manicure Bowl Dish
Cleverly Designed to allow the hand to lay in its natural resting position. Makes for a more comfortable experience.

Noel Asmar Signature Treatment Dish
This beautiful treatment dish stays put. With 3 compartments that don't slip and slide during a treatment, it will look great and be very functional.

Porcelain Manicure Bowls
$8.99 - $9.17
These attractive manicure bowls are for soaking the fingernails prior to a manicure. Perfect for soaking off acrylics and wraps.

Living Earth Crafts Copper Bowl Roll-up Foot Bath™
$649.00 $599.00
The Copper Bowl Roll-up Foot Bath™ is a simple yet elegant hygienic alternative to noisy thrones or jets.