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Positive Touch Chest Pillows
Breast comfort cushion for face down massage. Very comfortable and not bulky. Your choice of 2 inch or 3 inch thickness.

Earthlite Comfort Bolster
These Comfort Bolsters are much needed when it comes to massage table accessories. Its foam-filled, provides extra breast comfort.

Breast Comfort Bolster Wedge
$84.95 $64.77
18"x 21"x 3" The thickest part is 3" and tapers to 1/2 inch

Nirvana Mate Breast Comfort Cushion
$129.00 $99.00
The Nirvana Mate is an ergonomic cushioning system that every therapist should have.

Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion and Headrest
$299.00 $283.99
A proven unique support cushion for any stage of pregnancy and anyone who can’t lie comfortably on their stomach.

bodyCushion™ Pro System - Pregnancy System
The Pro System - Pregnancy System includes the 4-Piece bodyCushion2™ and the Adjuster Caddy Set.

M.A.T. Body Positioning System - Cloth Covering
The Medical And Therapy Body Positioning System can be used for at home massage by placing it on a sheet on the floor, on a bed, or on a sofa.

M.A.T. Body Positioning System - Vinyl Covering
The Medical And Therapy Body Positioning System is designed to be used for prolonged face-down time during and after treatment. Thanks to its special features, the M.A.T provides complete muscular-skeletal alignment.

bodyCushion™ Prone Pregnancy Comfort System
Prone Pregnancy Comfort System helps pregnant women find relief from back pain. Its designed specifically to provide optimal support and comfort.

Pregnancy and Body Cushion Set
$329.99 $199.95
Massage Comfort and Prenatal Cushion Set provides support whether your client is in a face-down or face-up position. Cushions offer relief for stress & tension