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Touch America Hanging Arm Rest Shelf
Our Hanging Armrest Shelf allows therapists better access to the upper back and is extremely relaxing for the client. Attaches under facespace.

Earthlite Hanging Arm Sling
The Hanging Arm sling provides comfort to your client and is great for opening the shoulders for deeper access. It is lightweight and easy to install as it attaches with a strap to any headrest.

Custom Craftworks Premium Arm Rest Shelf (Front)
Increase your treatment effectiveness by posistioning your client for greater access to the shoulder girdle.

Earthlite Universal Armrest
The Universal armrest provides excellent shoulder support and comes in various colors.

Custom Craftworks Solutions Hanging Arm Rest
Provides greater shoulder access while supporting your client's arms.

Oakworks Stationary Lowered Arm Rest Shelf with Aero-Cel Padding
Super-comfortable Same plush padding as Oakworks stationary massage tables Extremely stable Removable Stationary Arm Rest Shelf cannot be used on stationary tables with the Flextop option.

Oakworks Lowered Arm Rest Shelf with Aromatherapy and Bracket
Enhance your treatments with OAKWORKS® Aromatherapy Armrest Shelf, which features a built-in aromatherapy bowl, is designed to fit most tables, and is adjustable to fit any size client.

Living Earth Crafts Arm Outriggers
$69.00 $58.65
The arm Outrigger system utilizes two 5" bolsters to support clients arms on narrow tables.

Oakworks Adjustable Side Armrests
Oakworks incredibly strong, comfortable design adds width to the table and increases client comfort.

Oakworks Manicure Arm Rests
Manicure Arm Rests for Salon Tops only.

Oakworks Bolster Side Arm Rest
$75.00 $64.00
Adds extra width to your table and keeps your client's arms from rolling off the table with a little extra support.

Oakworks Arm Hammock
Offer your patients optimal comfort without spending a fortune. This unique product will comfortably and easily support your client's arms when faced down