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$5.89 - $37.45
This disinfectant has been proven effective against HIV-1, Hepatitis B, & Hepatitis C. Complies with OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens standard.

Clippercide Spray for Hair Clippers
This Clippercide spray is great for cleaning hair clippers and should be part of your cleaning supplies & disinfecting equipment.

UltraCare Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate
$25.95 - $45.95
This disinfectant cleaner kills HIV-1 in 30 seconds, plus an additional 134 organisms in 10 minutes. It's safe for stainless steel, all plastics and surfaces.

UltraSonic General Purpose Cleaner
$108.00 $71.94
MADA UltraSonic GPC Cleaner Ultrasonic GPC is a General Purpose Cleanerfor removal of compounds, pumice, etc.

Protex Disinfectant Spray
$7.99 - $383.53
Use on massage tables, massage chairs, vinyl exam tables and athletic mats, counter tops, exercise equipment and other hard nonporous, non-critical surfaces.

Barbicide Barbicide Wipes - 160 Wipes -
Cleans and disinfects with the same germ-fighting power as Barbicide! • Kills Hepatitus B (HBV) & C (HPC),Influenza A2, Herpes 1 & 2, AIDS, HIV-1,MRSA, VRE, and many others.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Max Professional™ All Purpose Wipes All Purpose Wipes can be used anywhere and anytime.

Protex Disinfectant Wipes
$6.95 - $16.99
Protex Disinfectant is an EPA approved, one-step disinfectant that effectively kills a wide range of bacteria,viruses, and fungi.

Citrus II Pump Bottle Hand Sanitizing Lotion - 8oz
Citrus II Instant Hand Sanitizing Lotion is a moisture-rich gel that kills 99.

Instant Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
$19.80 - $25.80
This hand sanitizer allows for you to keep your hands clean without water or towels.

PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer with Aloe
$6.80 - $27.24
Using PURELL Hand Sanitizer with Aloe at key moments is a simple and effective way for you and your family to stay healthy and well. Key moments for use include:

Hand Sanitizer
This hand sanitizer features a pump to allow you, employees or family members to kill germs with ease.