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Herbal Wrap Sheet
100% cotton, washable, and reusable herbal wrap sheet.

Ajara Tridoshic Shirodhara Oil Concentrate - 32 oz.
$62.00 $58.00
Our Shirodhara oil is made using traditional Ayurvedic methods. Nine different herbs are gently infused into organic sunflower and sesame oil.

Shirodhara Complete Electric System in Copper
This package includes all the equipment needed for performing a virtually hands free shirodhara.

Complete Hands on Shirodhara System
This system includes everything you need to begin practicing shirodhara.

Copper Headpiece
Our solid copper headpiece for shirodhara is a beautiful addition, providing ease of use for the therapist, and a uniform look for the customer.

Copper Shirodhara Stand
Finally! A shirodhara stand that is beautiful, functional AND affordable! Our exclusive design makes this shirodhara stand portable, easy to put together and break down.

Shirodhara Oil Pump with hose
Our ultra quiet adjustable flow pump is used for automated, hands free shirodhara treatments.

Shirodhara Training Manual for Practitioners
Shirodhara is the playing of a stream of warm oil across the third-eye. Since Shirodhara is quickly becoming one of the most sought after Ayurvedic treatments available today, this manual will give the practitioner a thorough understanding of its his...

Solid Element Burner
This cast iron burner is the best we've found to keep your oil warming throughout your entire shirodhara treatment.

The Art and Practice of Shirodhara
Shirodhara is the sacred Ayurvedic healing practice of playing a fine stream of warm oil onto the forehead.

Kansa Vataki Wand: Three Metal Massage Tools
$65.00 - $75.00
Ajara is pleased to bring you this unique three metal Kansa massage tool, traditionally called a "kansa vataki.

Traditional Massage Oil Warmer
These beautiful oil warmers are a unique addition to any massage room.