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Volcanic Stone Statue & Incense Holder Meditating Buddha Black
This beautiful volcanic sandstone Buddha statue can also be used as an incense holder. It has a little hole at the base to hold an incense stick.

Volcanic Stone Statue Meditating Buddha Chakras
Our colorful Meditating Buddha statue is made from volcanic stone and features a unique chakra inspired finish. Fine detailing captures the Buddha's serene and peaceful demeanor. Can be used in any indoor or outdoor space.

Volcanic Stone Statue Ganesha Chakras
This delightful volcanic stone statue has been crafted into the image of the elephant head god Ganesha, known throughout the world as the remover of obstacles.

Carved Wood Box - Eye of Buddha Brown
This refined wooden box features the carved image of the Eyes of Buddha. Accent stones flanked by swirls can be found on each side. The box's natural finish adds a touch of regal elegance that is sure to get it noticed.

Carved Wood Box - Eye of Buddha Gold
This captivating box has been carved to replicate the eyes of Buddha. It features shimmering accent stones and a gold and black antique finish. Use it to infuse your belonging with enlightenment.

Cotton Single Tapestry Egyptian
This magnificent tapestry, in vibrant hues of blue, gold, green, red, brown and black, features an assortment of Egypt's finest symbols. Hand crafted from 100% cotton.

Rayon Sarong Ganesha
Our sarongs have fringed ends are made from fast drying, breathable 100% rayon. Sarongs travel well, look great, feel fantastic, and are convenient and fashionable. Made in Indonesia and packaged individually.

Rayon Sarong - Lotus & Om
Our Om and Lotus inspired fringed, sarong has various shades of red, pink, blue and white. It is sure to add tropical flair to your favorite swim suit. Made of rayon.

Rayon Sarong - Mandala
A hypnotic Mandala design decorates this lovely fringed, rayon sarong.

Eagle Feather
Imitation eagle feathers looks as good as the real thing! Faux eagle feathers are made from dyed turkey feathers.

Carved Marble Incense & Votive Holder - Lotus Om
The inspiring symbols of the Lotus and Om have been brought together in this carved marble incense and votive holder. The marble base features a sandblast etched Lotus Flower and Om symbol, and the matching votive has an etched Om symbol.

Carved Marble Incense Holder & Votive Holder - Om
Golden etched Om symbols infuse this incense and votive holder with a sacredness and oneness to the divine.