Cando Triple Handle Single Weight Tower
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Chest Weight Pulley System - Triplex handle (lower, mid, upper) - one tower - 5 x 2.2 lb weights:

Chest pulleys are an important part of many rehabilitation programs; these pulleys come with handles, weights, hardware indicated.The Chest weight pulley system is great for cheat exercises and cable exercises. The handle is mounted at chest height on single handle unit; chest and floor height on double handle unit; and chest, floor and shoulder height on triple handle unit (ceiling height of 10 feet is needed for triple handle); choose  from single or dual tower set-ups. Simply select the weight level by inserting “pin" into weight stack at increments of 2 pounds. Exercisers are wheelchair accessible. The handles can be adjusted to any starting height; adjust the rope slip to lengthen or shorten the pulley rope. Additional weights and handles available.
  • Mfr SKU: 10-0669