Noel Asmar Hand Hammered Copper Round Pedicure Bowl
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Noel Asmar Hand Hammered Copper Round Pedicure Bowl Noel Asmar Hand Hammered Copper Round Pedicure Bowl Noel Asmar Hand Hammered Copper Round Pedicure Bowl

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Enrich your treatments with the balancing properties of copper. 

Enhance the look of your pedicure station with our hammered copper pedicure bowl that is not only beautiful, but functional for overall health and wellness. Pair it with our manicure bowls, or treatment dishes to complete your look. The lightweight material lets you take world-class service anywhere. Built with prominent outer lip makes for easy carrying.   

  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Luxurious and modern look and feel
  • Easy to clean
  • Copper is a natural antimicrobial material 
  • Fits Men's Foot Size 14US
  • Matching footrest sold separately 
  • Pre-designed with plumbing capabilities for permanent installation
  • Weighs approx: 7lbs (3.20 kg)
  • 19.75” (50 cm) Wide Top Rim
  • 13.75” (35 cm) Wide Base
  • 7.5” (21.6 cm) Depth


 Composition: Copper


Care: The beauty of copper metal lies in the way it oxidizes when exposed to the atmosphere. Although Copper is a natural antimicrobial material, we suggest cleaning between sessions. Simply rinse after each use to rid the surface of any soap or dirt, or use a mild bleach solution (1 part bleach to 3 parts water) for a deeper clean. Use a soft non-abrasive brush or clean sponge. We do not recommend citronella cleaning products, lemon oil, straight bleach or Barbicide.

Dried water spots can be easily rubbed out with a soft towel. To help halt the look of patina you can simply rub oil over the item at the end of the day. 

Our bowls are artisanal hand-finished products which may cause minor imperfections with each bowl. 

*A qualified plumber should be used for installation and Noel Asmar Group of Companies is not responsible for any modification to the pedicure bowls once purchased. 

  • Mfr SKU: PB1001G