UFO Massager
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UFO Massager

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In 3-5 minutes after having used this product, tiredness or acerbity of the eyes caused by overuse can be remarkably releived. So this product is good for office workers, youg adults, school children and people who spend long hours in reading, typing on the computer or driving. It can prevent false shortsightness found in school children and slow down deepening  of shortsightedness. People who suffer insomnia may also get help from application of this product as it will help relax the eyes and fall asleep easily.

How to use:

1)  This product is good when the eye is tired or nervous.

2)  Velcro is adjustable; tighten up when use.

3)  Use #3 battery; remove the battery after use.

4)  2-section switch (strong and weak suits personal preference)

  • Mfr SKU: USJ-590