Natural Buckwheat Pillow

Wonder Buckwheat Pillow
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Mother Nature’s Secret To Restful Sleep

This Wonder Buckwheat Pillow allows natural airflow through the night so that you wake up feeling fresh and cool in the morning. Only the best natural buckwheat hulls that have undergone a thorough cleansing process are used to ensure the highest quality. The pillow also stays in shape longer than most other conventional pillows.

Discover the secret of a healthier sleep on 100% premium grade buckwheat hulls that automatically conform to the shape of your head and neck and allow the head to stay cool as air passes through the hulls. The Wonder Buckwheat Pillow promotes sound sleep and relaxes nerve endings. Artificial materials like certain types of foam and fiberfill in conventional pillows may inhibit air circulation.


  • Mfr SKU: USJ-905