Laminated Detox Foot Bath Color Chart 11 x 17
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Throughout the cleanse, you will notice color changes in the water as toxins are being removed through the pores in the feet.

The water color ranges from yellow-green, orange, brown, black, to dark green. The colors and textures indicate which organs or body systems are releasing toxins. You may notice white foam or white cheese-like particles floating on the water’s surface, and/or black or red flecks resting at the bottom of the foot basin. The particles, fat and mucous residues found in the water reflect the wastes that have left your body. Most parasites are not visible to the eye, but occasionally parasites can be clearly seen in the water.

The feet are used for the detox, because of the large number of pores in the feet, 4,000. In addition, the warm water is soothing to the feet and gravity is on our side. Hands may also be used for detoxing.