Music & Healing CD

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…..I miss your smile, your special attentiveness and your way of caring for me.  My body is longing for the tender touch of your soft hands and my ears miss hearing the gentle whisper from your sweet lips and those words you so often repeat. Words that are healing remedies for my soul.  I need your tenderness…..


Track List:  


1. Innocence  (7:13)    

2. Lets walk Together  (5:52) 

3. Dancing Butterfly  (6:50) 

4. Blessing (5:33)  

5. Peace in You (6:30) 

6. Grace (6:27) 

7. Feel my Soul (5:45) 

8. Ancient Friendship (5:49) 

9. You are my Soulmate (6:22) 

Total Duration: 56:23 min. 


All music composed, arranged and played by Karuna.