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Symphony of a Loving Heart
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Music directly effects our psychical and physical conditions and can lead to permanent changes.  This "Symphony of a loving Heart" is composed of marvellous sounds, which refresh all our senses and put in a vital environment of stillness and beauty.

Track List:

1. Heart to Heart (7:14)   

2. Call my Heart  (5:38)   

3. Touch me Tenderly (7:01)  

4. The Beat of a Loving Heart (6:45) 

5. Like the Feather in the Wind (4:34)

6. The Warmth of your Heart (6:18) 

7. Let Me Sleep in Your Arm (6:22)

8.  It is Nice to be with You (7:35)    

 Total time 51:29

All music played, arrannged, and composed by Angelos