A meditation exercise to harmonize the energies of the Heart Chakra by Ben O'Shjou

Heart Chakra Meditation
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Chakras are actual energy centres of the body as perceived by the Indians and other cultures. Their vibrations influence all levels of being like the body, the spirit, the soul and even the very sensitive physical areas. It is said that there are seven chakras, which are located along the spine of the human body. They are the passages through which all cosmic energy flows and their dynamics, influence all our activities. There are many reasons why the Chakras can be disarranged like stress, overwork and many other probable causes. There are many healing methods to act upon the energy centres, but the connection between breath and movement exercise, like for example this Heart ChakraMeditation are among the most successful methods.

Track List:

  1. Yellow Moon - Blue Night (7:09) by Karuna
  2. Gong and moving forward (11:56)
  3. Gong and moving left and right (10:45)
  4. Gong and moving backwards (10:23)
  5. Gong and moving in all directions (10:17)
  6. The Tone Within The Tone (13:14) by Raha Shah