QPalm Auricular is the first Ear acupuncture program for PDA with full color illustrations.

QPalm-Auricular 1.0 - For Pocket PC
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Qpalm-Auricular shows the auricular treatment system based on Chinese System and European System.

This application contains three sections:

Therapy, Zone, and System. All of them can be accessed by tapping on the appropriate buttons of the startup screen. In the demo program, only several illustrations are included.



Therapy: Ear acupoints to treat 96 diseases are illustrated in the therapy section. 96 diseases are categorized by the disorder type. In each disease, there are 2 or 3 illustrations to show the auricular acupoints for the specific disease. This will be very quick and good reference guide for Auriculotherapy.

Zone: In the zone section, surface, hidden, and posterior images are Illustrated

System: In the system section, Master points and land mark image, internal organ and neuroendocrine point image, and musculoskeletal point image are included.



  1. Edit Function - You can edit the text.
  2. Search Function-After searching key word, you can see the result and click each line on the list one by one to see the image and text.

Download the Demo [64.45 MB]
The file size to be installed on PPC is only 5 MB.

Installation Instruction

  1. Connect your device to your desktop and make sure the status of ActiveSync is active.
  2. Download the demo file
  3. Run the QAuricularDemo.exe after downloaded, the file will help you install the software automatically.
  4. Read the following document to find out how to install this demo program on your pocket pc.
  5. Please read this if you have any problems with Microsoft .NET Compact Framework(.NET CF). Some Pocket PC have old version of Microsoft .NET CF. In this case our setup file won't install .NET CF because old version of .NET CF already exists in your Pocket PC. This case you need to install .NET CF 1.0 SP3 manually. To manually install .NET CF, please perform following steps:
    • Open your hard drive C:QPalmSetup.
    • Run the setup file "NETCFSetup.msi" to install .NET CF

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