Qpalm is the first acupuncture program for PDA with full color illustrations.

Qpalm-Acupuncture 1.0 - For Palm
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Qpalm is a quick, yet comprehensive reference guide of Acupoints for students as well as practitioners.

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Click HERE to download the demo for Windows.

Click HERE to download the demo for Mac.



  • Qi flows in 20 primary channels are illustrated.
  • 361 points of 14 channels & 40 extrapoints are presented in full-color anatomical illustrations
  • Nerves, arteries, bones, muscles, and tendons of each acupoint are devided into different colors for easy and clear visualization.
  • All acupoints include important relevant information, such as where to find it, what it does, when to use it, how to needle it, and special attributes.


  • Edit Function - You can edit the text.
  • Search Function - After searching key word, you can see the result and click the acupoints on the list one by one to see the image and text.
    • Palm OS 5 or above
    • 4MB available ram
    • Recommended device speed: 100Mhz+
    • High resolution screen: Palm: 320x320

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