body Cushion™ Face Support- Crescent and Base
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body Cushion™ Face Support- Crescent and Base

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The bodyCushion Face Support consists of the Face Crescent and the Face Support Base. The Face Crescent is constructed of high quality, long-lasting foam that supports and conforms to a person's unique facial features and unlike some face crescents, has a seamless design that leaves the face without any lines or marks after prone treatments. The Face Support Base provides functional support for the Face Crescent and the fresh air design features generous openings on all sides to allow air flow to easily reach clients in the face-down position.

The bodyCushion Face Support was originally designed to be used with the bodyCushion Chest Support and Pelvic Support, but our customers have found other useful ways to use the Face Support on its own. From eye surgery recovery to various aspects of massage, our Face Support with a breathable base is a versatile tool with a variety of applications. The Face Crescent attaches to the Face Support Base with Velcro® and adjusts easily to accomodate the shape and size of the face.

Available in Slate Blue with Black base. Dimensions: 11.5"L x 11.5"W x 6"H. Weight: 1.5 pounds.

Made from Advanced Materials including a medical grade vinyl. Made in USA.

Face Support includes:

  • Mfr SKU: BCX41