Comprehensive Acupuncture and Herb Reference Guide CD-ROM

Qpuncture II CD-ROM Acupuncture & Herb Reference Guide
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New Functions:
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New Contents:
chapter 1: principle
Explains the philosophy and concepts of oriental medicine. Tongue diagnosis - about 100 real pictures of tongue and explanation. Pulse diagnosis - detailed explanation for 28 pathological pulses with 28 pulse diagrams. Needing method and measuring method.

chapter 2: acupuncture
Shows flow in meridians, 361 acupoints of 14 channel, 40 extra-points - visualization of muscle, bone, artery, nerve of each acupoint, and beautiful 3D , illustration of acupoints

chapter 3: pain clinic
Teaches acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina and herbal medication of diversified diseases. Definition, etiology and pathology, pattern identification of each disease. Clicking an acupoint takes you to the animated location of the point

chapter 4: auriculotherapy
Shows auricular treatments, surface, hidden and posterior, Master Points and Landmarks, Internal organ and Neuroendocrine points, and Musculoskeletal points

chapter 5: herb
About 800 pictures of 200 herbs, explanation about property, entering channels, what is does, and application