Aroma Fan Diffuser
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This is the easiest-to-use diffuser you'll ever find.  Simply put your favorite essential oil or blend on the replacement pad, plug the FanFuser into any 110 volt wall outlet and flip the switch.  Wham! You're instantly surrounded with a gentle breeze that carries the fragrance throughout the room in seconds.  Includes one fragrance pad.

  • Quiet, safe and easy to use.
  • No candle, no heat, no glass.
  • High and low speeds.
  • Change fragrance in seconds.
  • Works with thick or thin oils.
  • Can use several oils at once.
  • Fragrances up to 500 s.f.

The Aroma Fan Diffuser turns your room into a peaceful space by dispensing aroma. The airflow simply vaporizes the essential oil without changing the fragrance and oil properties

Works well as an air freshener for use in workplaces, hotels, spas, beauty salons, etc.

  • Mfr SKU: Aroma Fan Diffuser