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Portable Anatomical Chart Set
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34 of our most popular charts are laminated to make them mark-on/wipe-off and bound together at the top to fit securely onto a custom-made stand. Each chart measures 10” x 26” and easily rolls up with the folding tripod stand to fit neatly into a nylon canvas tote bag. The complete set weights only 15 lbs. The tripod stand extends from 35” to approximately 80” tall and has 2 adjustable folding legs.

Chart set includes:

Systems of the Body

· The Muscular System · The Skeletal System · The Nervous System · The Vascular System and Viscera · The Lymphatic System · The Digestive System · The Respiratory System · The Urinary Tract · The Female Reproductive System · The Male Reproductive System

Structures and Organs

· Anatomy of the Heart · Internal Organs of the Human Body · Ligaments of the Joints · The Brain · The Vertebral Column · The Spinal Nerves · Head and Neck · The Eye · The Ear – Organs of Hearing and Balance · The Skin and Common Disorders · Hand and Wrist · Pregnancy and Birth

Injuries and Disorders

· Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder · Anatomy and Injuries of the Hip · Anatomy and Injuries of the Foot · Knee Injuries · Whiplash Injuries of the Head and Neck · Human Spine Disorders · Sexually Transmitted Infections · Understanding HIV and AIDS · Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome · Understanding Hepatitis · Dangers of Smoking · Dangers of Alcohol

  • Mfr SKU: CT534CC